Last update: 20 December 09


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Hint: The command ./ list provides more details for each installed plug-in

The plug-ins currently included:
loc_bars (NEW!) Creates a report of project size over time, in number of lines of code (LOC). The results are visualized as ASCII chart generated using the new core module.
Only files with certain extensions are considered, this can be configured. Example report: loc_bars.atelier09.txt
contrib_bars (NEW!) Creates a report of authors activities including number of lines added, number of commits and number of files edited. The results are visualized as ASCII charts generated using the new core module.
Example report: contrib_bars.atelier09.txt
overview This plug-in generates a comma-separated values file. Each row represents a version and contains various information on commit and project size. CSV is a very simple format that can be immediately visualized using Excel, R, GnuPlot and many other tools. Most of the languages offer a CSV parser too.
Example overview report: overview.dsmdb.pdf 380kb (pdf generated with Tableau)
rss_feed Generates a valid RSS 2.0 feed containing a summary for each commit.
Example feed: rss_feed.dsmDB.xml (Open as text or with a newsreader)
codeswarm This plugin builds an XML activity log to be visualized with CodeSwarm: Organic software visualization of project repositories.
Example movie: codeswarm.dsmb.avi 1.8Mb (movie generated with mencoder, example xml output, codeswarm config)
top_files Generates a rank of the top files by number of edits applied to them in the history considered. It is possible to track directories, filenames full paths.
Example output: top_files.atelier5.txt
top_devs Generates a rank of the top developers by number of commits for quickly understanding who is working where.
Example output: top_devs.atelier5.txt
empty This is a sample plug-in that prints various informations while the analysis is running (if SC is invoked with option -v). The code can be used as a template for creating new plug-ins.