Last update: 20 December 09


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Automatic update of multiple instances

This simple script ( does two things: updates multiple svn_crawler instances pointing to different repositories and copies the generated rss feeds to another folder to be displayed via web.

This process can be automated, for example as a cron task executed every 10th minute of an our (12:10, 13:10, 14:10, ...):
10 * * * * /home/USER/rss_gen/ >> /home/USER/cron.log
The job can be installed by placing this line in a file.txt and then doing crontab -i file.txt

Setup: before installing the crontab, you must have already some svn_crawler copy inside ~/rss_gen on which the gen commmand was run at least once. Example:
cp -r svn_crawler-1.0/ ~/rss_gen/repo1
cd ~/rss_gen/repo1
(remove unwanted plugins)
./ gen svn+ssh://your/repository1/url

(same for other repositories)

cp ~/ ~/rss_gen/
(setup cron)

You may need to modify the script to reflect your folder names